TallyPrime is architected to be a platform and is intended to support in depth Customization . TallyPrime comes with an execution Kernel, an interpreter and a development language Tally Definition Language (TDL). Using TDL, you'll be able to enhance or modification the default behavior of TallyPrime. Extend core functionality by interfacing a bespoke application facilitated by TallyPrime's support for custom engineered DLLs and XSLT.

TDL permits changes to user interface, document print outs, reports, functionalities, addition of information components and business logic . TallyPrime supports ODBC and import & export knowledge in commonplace data formats like XML & CSV. TallyPrime incorporates a SOAP listener, that helps in on-line integration and with alternative business tools.

The deceptively straightforward expertise with TallyPrime hides behind it the intense versatility its technology makes accessible to those intending to add or modify it to suit their specific needs. the subsequent examples are an illustration of this versatility:

  • Print outs that require specific columns, notes, page size; to fit pre-printed stationery
  • Documents like invoices, purchase orders with logos, specific formats, terms and conditions
  • Additional fields to capture specific information
  • Specific security rules
  • Synchronisation with special data transformations (Purchase Order > Sales Order)
  • Add a completely new functionality - business processes and operations
  • Add extensions within TallyPrime or externally and bridge
  • Extend to the web and mobile devices, including SMS notifications